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With My Eyes on Your Horizon

by Ramiro Sanchez     down arrow ARTIST INFO
Inventory No | RAM-004511
Status | For Sale
Medium | Oil on Linen
Year Created | 2017
Dimensions | 57in x 33.5in
Frame Dimensions | 62.5 x 39in
Price | $24,000.00

Artist Statement 

This painting is the result of the situation my birth country Venezuela is in at the moment. A couple of months ago I started to feel very anxious about my country, the people and I felt so far away. I have painted the young country floating isolated and left alone. The figure looks anxious and holds the Venezuelan flag on her lap. She has no roof nor ground and in the middle of an abstract reality that feels like limbo. In any case, her eyes do not miss the light of hope and she rises above the politics that are threatening her. This is the image that I can paint as I am not there in Venezuela but instead I look at what is happening from far away.