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Ackrill | Lucas | September 22 - October 14

A two man exhibition of two dissimilar painters, Anthony Ackrill & Maryann Lucas.

Anthony Ackrill (b.1958) returns for his 21styear at the Grenning Gallery with his pop inspired classical realism. Always painting with the highest level of craft, Ackrill continues to delight us with his quirky take on reality. In his third iteration of a shark, "White on White" is a faithful painting of a great white flashing its consummate grin. Following his great success this summer with classical paintings on found and scavenged objects, we see another highly touted Ackrill tomato painting, this time twins painted directly onto a lunch tray, called " ". His "Eurydice" painted directly onto an oil drum lid, is at once terrifying yet entrancing.

Sag Harbor's own Maryann Lucas (b.1959) is exhibiting her latest works, including the bountiful floral "Refined Virality". This painting is an ambitious maze of orchid spires, creating atmosphere and depth. "Brittle Beauty" is a sultry and somber floral, an oxymoron in itself. Most eye catching and evocative is "Joyous Perseverance". As the bright first spring flowers tempt the gloomy weather building in the background. The light effects of these contrasting colors and moods make this one of the most interesting canvases from Lucas's studio.

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