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Steven Levin | b 1964

Artist Bio

Steven J. Levin - (b. 1964) is a young, classic oil painter who creates works with a timeless quality. His rich use of color, and his finely honed eye for captivating compositions, sets him apart from his contemporaries.

Classically trained in Minnesota, Levin emerged from his rigorous art studies with a unique point of view. He has been featured in prestigious group shows in San Francisco, New York, London and Chicago. He is emerging as a pivotal player in the resurgence of the American Realist Movement and is widely admired by his fellow artists.

Levin's reputation as a colorist is strong and getting stronger with each passing year. His sense of space, dimension and atmosphere are impressive. His excellent observational skills cover a wide range of subjects including still lives, figures, portraits, the landscape, florals, interiors and nocturne paintings � a difficult subject, mastered by very few, and Levin has joined these ranks.

In recent years, Levin has won numerous awards and prizes in nationwide competitions, including the American Society of Portrait Artists, the Allied Artists of America, the Portrait Institute, American Artist Magazine, Artist's Magazine, the Oil Painters of America and the American Artists Professional League. These are awards given to artists by their peers and attest to his high standing amongst professional painters.

Levin loves to paint and has worked in studios in Minneapolis, San Francisco and London. Fresh points of view provide continual inspirations. He is equally at home with florals, still lifes, figures, self-portraits and head studies. His range is wide and deep. Paintings are priced from $2,500 to 40,000. He will appear in invitational and group shows throughout the next few years. Collectors are urged to make their interests known with the gallery staff so that we might assist you in including Levin in your collection.

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