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Sarah Lamb & Edward Minoff | May 17th- June 15th

Our next show of the spring season, opening May 17th from 6:00 to 8:00, showcases the work of two of our finest artists, Sarah Lamb and Edward Minoff. We are located at 17 Washington Street, Sag Harbor. The show will run from May 17th until June 15th.

Having both studied under renowned artist, Jacob Collins, at the Water Street Atelier in New York, both Lamb and Minoff possess a profound ability to capture the beautiful subtleties in the everyday. These artists, however, stand out from others in the way they relay these moments into striking and thought-provoking images. A plein air painter, Minoff's subject matter includes a plethora of dramatic seascapes and landscapes as well as some thoughtful portraits. Lamb's work consists of moving still lifes of everyday subject matter, creating inspiring moments from otherwise overlooked happenings. Together both Lamb and Minoff provide a stimulating look into classical realism with their own, individual modern constructs.

One of the most profound images we find in Minoff's body of work is "Stormy." The artist uses a traditional, mid-19th century method of taking preliminary color notes in nature then composing a larger, more polished image in his studio. With this technique, Minoff captures an impression of the moment in a sketch and then offers a closer look at how he, as an individual, is relating to his surroundings in a larger work. Suggested through the use of dark grays and leaden neutral tones, there is a sense of an ominous front approaching in "Stormy." This is offset by the cool greens and slightly muted blues found within the waves, bringing on a moment of fleeting tranquility.

Minoff's figurative works, "Portrait Sketch" and "Candice" showcase the artist's multifaceted abilities regarding subject matter. Having completed countless successful commissions, Minoff displays his refined aptitude for capturing an individual's personality. By depicting the slight, detailed characteristics that makes each person their unique self while using impressionistic strokes and a depth of light similar to that of Sargent, Minoff relays an intimate look into each entity.

Continuing with the theme of contemporary classical realism is Lamb's, "Antique Sulky Weathervane". In this work we see an antique weathervane of a one-horse carriage atop a seemingly weathered pedestal. Lamb's ability to capture the light on her subjects draws one in, while the vast inclusion of painstaking details keeps onlookers immersed in her compositions. With a limited palette, Lamb also manages to capture a sense of life and warmth in an otherwise cold and inanimate form. With the brassy oranges and hints of subdued yellows and green-tinted grays, a feeling of nostalgia is evoked from a subject that existed in a time entirely different then our own.

Also in this show are Lamb's signature still lifes. The painting, "Roses in Square Vase" offers a quintessential example of Lamb's mission to capture the simple beauty in the day to day. Including warm orange and cream tones, coupled with the cooler greens and transparency of the water, Lamb captures every detail down to the last petal. With such detail one can note that the flowers appear to be days old and slightly wilting, with a few leaves and petals having fallen off. With this, "Roses in Square Vase" recalls a vanitas inspired theme, which speaks of the ever-present mortality we each must face. This work gives us a literal reminder to stop and smell the roses. Other still lifes of Lamb's in the upcoming show include "Pansies" and "Mussels with Pitcher", each offering a stunning portrayal of light and depth.

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