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Melissa Franklin Sanchez | 1984 | Warwickshire, England

Artist Bio

Melissa Franklin Sanchez was born in 1984, in Warwickshire, England. In 2002 she graduated from her humanistic studies: Art, Music, English Literature, Performing Arts and Ballet. In 2003 she completed an intensive art foundation course at the Slade School of Art, London. She then enrolled at the Florence Academy of art, a school dedicated to the study of realistic and figurative art. She graduated with the three-year diploma in painting and was offers a 4th year of specialization. Today, Melissa is the director of the ‘6 week intensive workshop, Drawing, painting and Art History’ for the Florence Academy of Art and has been since since 2012. Her work is represented in both Europe and the USA, by Scriba, InPARADISO Gallery, Venice, Italy, Grenning Gallery, Sag Harbor, NY, and Jack Meier Gallery, Houston, Texas and Le Passage, Alderney Channel Islands. Her work can be found in private and public collections through Europe and the USA, including the prestigious Accademia della Crusca, Florence.

Franklin Sanchez says "Light, time, emotion, are always inspirational to me, whether painting the ever changing landscape or a quiet interior. Searching for the essence of my subject that goes beyond its visual reality. Working directly from nature and from memory I am always trying to capture my experience or relationship with my subject. I am fascinated with working on copper and other metal surfaces that give a beautiful warmth and luminosity. With their endless possibilities I am always rediscovering and pushing myself technically. My family life and travels, continue to be inspiration for my work."

Artist Exhibitions
Solo Exhibitions
2011 Primavera Senza Tempo, IN PARADISO, Giardini della Biennale, Venice, Italy.
Giardini della Biennale, Venice, Italy
Two Man Shows
2016, 2015, 2011 - Grenning Gallery, NY , USA

Group exhibitions
2010 Art Power, Concilio Europeo dell Arte, Venezia, Italia Local Landscape, Grenning Gallery, Sag Harbor, NY, USA The Lure of Florence, Jack Meier Gallery, Houston, Texas,USA The Florence Academy of Art, Alumni Exhibition, Florence,Italia 200 anos, vivarium novum, Roma, Italia. 2009 Paul S. Brown and the Florence Academy of Art Select, Patterson Gallery, London, UK. St Francesco e Santa Chiara, Massa, Palazzo Ducale, Italia Exposicion de pintura clasica realista de artistas venezolanos, Isttituto Portoghese, Roma, Italia Passion for Painting, Grenning gallery, Sag Harbor, NY,USA 2008 All Paintings Great and Small, The Cooley Gallery, Old Lyme, CT,USA San Francesco, Massa, Palazzo Ducale, Italia Local Landscapes, Grenning Gallery,Sag Harbor, NY, USA Ten Years, Grenning Gallery, Sag Harbor, NY, USA Young Collectors exhibition, Ann Long Fine Arts, Charleston SC,USA The Florence Academy of Art, Alumni exhibition Patterson Gallery London, Uk 2007 Local Landscapes, Grenning Gallery, Sag Harbor, NY Studio Selects, Grenning Gallery, Sag Harbor NAY. The Florence Academy of Art Alumni exhibition, Florence, Italy 2006 New Studio Works and Plein Air Landscape Show, Grenning Gallery, Sag Harbor NY

Artist Press
Hamptons Art Hub | September 2016
Art Review: "Ramiro Sanchez" Paintings Elevate Realism to Visual Poetry


Artist Catalogues
Ramiro | Sanchez 2016
Ramiro | Sanchez 2016

Ramiro (b. 1974), originally a classically trained musician, brings us a lyrical series of spiritual figurative paintings this year. Hymn is an homage to the way one expresses their spiritual elations through song. The young woman's face belies ecstasy as she levitates above the Earth into the abstract realm of spirituality. Red and yellow hues streak the atmosphere below, depicting her passion and complete envelopment in the musical manifestation of a higher power. This breakthrough work by Ramiro merges his highly refined classical figurative narrative with an abstract background, creating a 21st century religious painting. It also recalls the sculpture Ecstasy of Saint Theresa by Bernini in Rome, which describes the intense joy of spiritual elation, attainable only when one relinquishes the worldly plane. Also technically, Hymn is a virtuosic work with the foreshortened legs and face.

Melissa Franklin Sanchez (b. 1984) exhibits her latest work, created in her new hometown, Fiesole. Her sought after gem-like interiors are inspired by the likes of Hammershoi, with their dramatic lighting and deep sense of intimacy. Summer Light our favorite, sold before it even got a label put on it! Also, Franklin Sanchez made an important shift to painting on aluminum panels for technical reasons. While the copper is a warm toned base, it is also heavy and difficult to find large panels. There are also the final two candle paintings on copper, which literally glow. Franklin Sanchez's Collecting Memories harkens back to the finest Dutch still lives. We see a bolder more confident landscape painter, with two especially strong works Forget-me-not and Fiesole Sunset. This group of paintings clearly shows an artist inspired by her new environment and we look forward to more paintings.

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