Thomas Shelford

Artist Bio

Thomas Shelford's work combines a classical sense of sculptural realism with modernist compositional ideas. A Resident Artist Member of the Salmagundi Club, Thomas has also exhibited in the public collection of the U.S. Ambassador to the Netherlands at The Hague. Thomas has been a drawing instructor at the Long Island Academy of Fine Art and an impresario of art salon parties in SoHo with the photographer Gilles Larrain.

Thomas obtained his art education outside the mainstream by studying part-time at the Grand Central Academy founded by Jacob Collins and modeled after 19th-century teaching methods. He has studied with leading Realist painters such as Richard Piloco, Robert Armetta, Travis Schlaht, Edward Minoff, Jon DeMartin, and Brian Schumacher.

Subscribing to the Renaissance model of the artist as polymath, he has pursued an eclectic background including a minor degree in Mathematics and a prior career in web site design. An avid surfer, Thomas is a resident of East Hampton New York.


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