American Art Collector
Refined Minimalism

The craftsman style home of this long island collector is adorned with fine realism paintings.

While he was remodeling he stated buying art. By chance, he met Laura Grenning of Grenning Gallery in Sag Harbor. Friends of his were renting a house full of contemporary art being kept there while the owners finished their new home. When they were ready, they took the art away. The renters approached Grenning to bring some paintings over for them to consider for their now empty walls. Grenning suggested they invite some friends over to see what she was bringing by. By chance I wrangled an invitation, the collector admits. I saw some wonderful paintings and really liked a painting by Kevin Sanders, Near Panzano in the Chianti but I didnt think I would be able to afford it.

Sag Harbor Express
Creating Through Struggles

Exploring the long journey of African-American artists, and the limited avilabilty of their history here on the East End of Long Island. Grenning Gallery along with the help of former Gallery Manager, Andree MiChelle, curated a group show of all black artists for the month of February.

American Art Collector | October 2016
Personal Connections: This Long Island Collection Boasts Paintings the Collectors Buy With Their Hearts.

A look inside a private collection curated by Gallerist and Art Consultant, Laura Grenning.

Fine Art Connoisseur | November 2016
Three to Watch

Fine Art Connoisseur magazine featured Grenning Gallery artist, Carl Bretzke, as one of Three to Watch in their November/December 2016 issue! The article starts by introducing Bretzke, noting his recent acheivements, and procedes to descibe his successful, painterly process as a plein-air painter.

Hamptons Art Hub | November 2016
Russian and American Painters Connect through Painting En Plein Air

Pat Rogers, of Hamptons Art Hub, investigated deeper into our Russian-american Painting Alliance as she interviewed the artists involved. 

Fine Art Today: Fine Art Connoisseur | November 2016
A Russian Alliance Worth Your Attention

It was during an invitational plein air painting trip to Russia that several artists from the United States and the host nation formed an alliance — and the art world has benefitted ever since. The budding relationship between the painters has recently resulted in group exhibitions, the latest of which is currently on view at the Grenning Gallery in Sag Harbor, New York.

Fine Art Today: Fine Art Connoisseur | August 2016
A Dynamic Duo You Should Note

A fantastic pairing of landscape, still life, and figurative works from two adroit painters will embellish the walls of Grenning Gallery this month. Who are the artists and where? Find out here!

The Sag Harbor Express | July 2016
Fenske to be Featured in National Portrait Gallery

The Grenning Gallery in Sag Harbor announced this week that one of its featured painters, Ben Fenske, has been selected to exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery in London this summer. His portrait of his muse and girlfriend Beatrice was selected from a pool of over 2,500 submissions to be included in the annual BP Portrait Award Exhibition.

Fine Art Today: Fine Art Connoisseur | June 2016
A Pairing for the Ages

Two artists, equally skilled from plein air to the studio, headline a pairing for the ages in Sag Harbor, New York. Treat yourself to it here.

The Sag Harbor Express | April 2016
From Intern to Featured Artist: Lucas Opens at Grenning Gallery

Edwina Lucas dared to dream big. And its paying off.

In just a few short years the 24-year-old Sag Harbor native has gone from art gallery intern, to manager, to featured artist at the Grenning Gallery in the village. Not only has the classical painters most recent work been selected to hang in the three-artist exhibition Bretzke, Lucas & Sanders, her piece, Amagansett Ravens, will be the shows most prominent image. The 48-inch-by-40-inch oil-on-canvas will be featured on the back wall of the front room of the Washington Street gallery for the duration of the show, which will be on view from Saturday, April 9, through May 15.

Fine Art Today: Fine Art Connoisseur | August 2015
Colorful Curves

Ben Fenske offers viewers a contemporary impressionist view of the female figure in a dazzling solo exhibition.

Newington-Cropsey Cultural Studies Center
In the Studio: Sarah Lamb

A indepth article of Sarah Lambs career, studio and community, written by Allison Malfronte.

Hamptons Art Hub | August 2016
ART REVIEW: Ramiro / Sanchez Paintings Elevate Realism to Visual Poetry

Realism that comes with a whiff of fresh paint has its job cut out for it in an abstract era. The impressive strength of the two-artist exhibition at Sag Harbors Grenning Gallery a bastion of traditional genres, shows the way that impromptu gestures can raise realism to the level of poetry while evading the possible trap of remaining prosaically photographic.

Ramiro | Sanchezpresents a wide-ranging if understated conversation between husband and wife, Ramiro Sanchez and Melissa Franklin Sanchez. The Two Share a studio in Florence and are annual vistors to the East End, where they paint seascapes and compelling portraits, often on commission.

Fire Arts Connoisseur | July 2016
Deceits That Delight

Everything sounds better in French. Translated into English as deceive the eye, trompe loeil is understood universally to be realistic imagery creating the optical illusion that the objects depicted exist in three dimensions. Although this French term appeared four centuries ago, the technique itself has existed since Greeces classical period. Often integrated within architecture to evoke larger spaces or views into nature, trompe loeil really took off in the Italian Renaissance with masters like Andrea Mantegna, then gathered greater steam as the Dutch Old Masters produced thousands of realistic still life paintings.

Those pictures crossed the Atlantic as household decorations and were taken to breathtaking new levels by such American masters as William Harnett (1848–1892) and John F. Peto (1854–1907). In fact, on view now through September 4 at New Jerseys John F. Peto Studio Museum is its biennial juried exhibition of contemporary still life and trompe loeil. The tradition took on added force when American artists such as Richard Haas (b. 1936) began adorning the sides of urban buildings with massive glimpses of distant vistas.

Here we have gathered two dozen recent examples of artists deceiving our eyes. Few are as meticulously detailed as the roundel painted by Marina Dieul on this magazines cover; some are painted from photographs rather than life, one is sculpted, and another covers a giant brick wall. As with all vital traditions, trompe l’oeil is broad enough to be adapted by each artist to suit his or her particular objectives. We salute all of them and look forward to seeing what they create next.

The Sag Harbor Express
Works on Paper Opens at Grenning Gallery

Delicate works for a quiet time of year, the Grenning Gallery in Sag Harbor will open Works on Paper on Saturday, January 30 from 5:30 to 7 p.m. The show will feature prints by Alejandro Sainz Alfonso (b. 1965) discovered on a recent trip to Cuba. It will also showcase charcoal and conté crayon drawings by Ben Fenske (b. 1978), as well as new watercolors by highly respected Long Island artist Christian White. Michael Kotasek (b. 1962) is also featured in the exhibit.

Hamptons Real Estate Showcase
Artists to Watch

Artists to Watch

A Selection of Diverse Local Talents, featuring Maryann Lucas

The Sag Harbor Express
Retrospective: James Del Grosso and Denis Ramsay at The Grenning Gallery in Sag Harbor

This retrospective highlights the work of two pioneers in the Poetic Realist movement, who have recently passed on. James Del Grosso (1941- 2013) and Dennis Ramsay (1925 – 2009) were swimming way against the stream of their time.

The Sag Harbor Express
Four Painters a Sculptor and a Photographer at Sag Harbors Grenning Gallery

Grenning Gallery will open its season Saturday with a new show featuring an eclectic mix of artists across several mediums.

American Art Collector
Seeking Beauty

A prominent east end art collector opens his home to showcase a collection curated and consulted by Laura Grenning. His walls display many beautiful works by Ramiro, Marc Dalessio, and Daniel Graves.

Fine Art Connoisseur
Bottled Magic: Photographing Artists in Their Studios

Laura Grenning writes about the Grenning Gallery Artists, Ben Fenske, Nelson White, Hege Haugen, Ramiro, and Melissa Franklin-Sanchez in their studios in Florence, Italy. Her article is accomplied with photographs by the talented photographer Patrizia Genovesi.

Fine Art Connoisseur
A Season of Art from Italy
Grenning Gallery Showcases Artists New Found Maturity

When painter Ben Fenske was 22, he found himself in the hands of stock market turned self-owned art gallery curator Laura Grenning. Twelve years later, he had shown in her Sag Harbor gallery twelve times and moved beyond his painting comfort zone.

American Art Collector
Inside Outside

American Art Collector
A Fluid Collection

American Art Collector
Personalizing a Collection

The Sag Harbor Express
Holiday Show Brings Newcomers and Returning Artists to Grenning Gallery

A great little article touching upon our represented artists, new, and returning for our 2013 Holiday Show. 

Fine Art Connoisseur
Nelson H. White: Scenic Spirit

The Sag Harbor Express
Inspired by a Coastline

When painting coastal landscapes, most artists who work al fresco prefer to focus on summer views. This is especially true in a place like Maine where darkness falls early once summer ends and the winters can be downright brutal.

But on view now at the Grenning Gallery in Sag Harbor is the work of three artists, including Michael Kotasek and Ben Fenske who have not only spent an admirable amount of time painting in Maine – they have chosen to do so at a time of year when most painters — and in fact many residents — are no where to be found.

In the off season.

The Sag Harbor Express
Sharing a Studio, Sharing a Show

As artists, Leo Mancini-Hresko and Joe Altwer share a studio space with Marc Dalessio in Florence, Italy where they perfect their talents by painting still lifes, portraits and landscapes. Both artists are former students of the Florence Academy, a school which trains artists to work in the mode of classical realism.

American Artist
The Interior & Figurative Work of Ben Fenske: A Critical Look at Raw Talent

Two American Artist editors review the work of an up-and-coming artist and offer their opinion on why this young painter is one to watch. 

Editors at American Artist have the privilege of seeing a wide variety of work from artists all over the country and world, but we are often in the unenviable position of having to choose among great talent when it comes to commissioning feature articles, booking instructors for our events, or selecting winners in juried competitions and shows. As we keep our eyes and ears open in the ever-expanding world of representational art, we often catch a glimpse of a painter whose vision and style say something so powerful that even professional writers struggle to put it into words. Such was the case when my editorial director Michael Gormley and I saw the work of Ben Fenske, a young American artist who grew up in Minnesota and has lived in Florence for the last five years. As we both attempted to articulate what it is about this painter that stands out, we decided that we’d like to put our thoughts into writing, starting a new feature in American Artist that offers an honest assessment of work we feel is worthy of your attention

The Sag Harbor Express
Inspiration From the Land

Angel Ramiro Sanchez and his wife, Melissa Franklin Sanchez definitely have a foot in two worlds — and it’s certainly an enviable life for a pair of artists. Ten months a year spent living and working in their studio in Florence, Italy — the very cradle of artistic expression — followed by two glorious months each summer painting on the East End.

International Artist
Kristy Gordon: Atmospheric Effects in a Complex Composition
Kristy Gordon shares how juxtaposing elements creates a dynamic and complex painting.

American Artist: Issue December 2009
Painting Landscapes in Exact Scale
Marc Dalessio explains how he paints landscapes using an adaptation of the side-size method normally associated with studio work. His method is to paint what he observes in such a way that the subject and painted image are exactly the same scale when viewed from a constant position.

Artist Daily
Ben Fenske: 6 Basics of Landscape Painting
During visits back to the United States from his home in Italy, Ben Fenske teaches fundamental concepts and skills that can help landscape painters make progress.

The Sag Harbor Express
Capturing the Summer on Canvas

Local Landscapes, a show opening at the Grenning Gallery in Sag Harbor on Saturday, August 30, 2007 captures the serene beauty of a summer spent on the eastern end of Long Island.