Cody Swanson

Artist Bio

Cody Joseph Swanson was born in Minneapolis, MN and currently resides in Florence, Italy with his wife and four children. Cody holds an M.A. in Liturgy, Sacred Art and Architecture from the European University in Rome, and spent five consecutive years teaching sculpture with the Florence Academy of Art where he also studied sculpture. Recently Cody has completed three major projects with the acclaimed architect Duncan G Stroik for the Cathedrals of Sioux Falls and Minneapolis along with the Basilica of the National Shrine to Mary of Holy Hill, Wisconsin. He was also given the tremendous honor from the Cardinal of Florence, His Eminence Guiseppe Betori, to produce a 4-meter sculpture depicting St. Emygdius for the Cathedral of Foligno and a silver processional cross for the Cathedral of Florence.

As a sculptor Cody works primarily in clay, plaster, bronze and marble with extensive experience and capability throughout every phase of production. His training in the figurative tradition provides an indispensable connection to the visual language of representational art, while lending an informed perspective on aesthetics and the creative processes of design and composition. His participation in project commissions and teaching positions have afforded him numerous oppotunities to work cooperatively with companies, clientele, administrative officials, and students, as well as to aptly organize budgets, timetables, and teaching regimen. As an instructor, Cody provides students with an intensive curriculum and individual assessment, designed to help students achieve self-sufficiency in evaluating their own work and motivate them toward personal achievement.

As a Catholic father, husband, sculptor and teacher, Cody hopes the fruit of his labor will give glory to God and reflect His truth into the hearts of many.



- University of Rome, 'Regina Apostolorum'-Masters level 1 in sacred art, liturgy, and theology with Father Michael Uwe Lang as relatore; October 2009- September 2010

- The Florence Academy of Art -Intensive Drawing and Sculpture program with certificate and honors including sculpture of the year(2006), September 2003 - July 2006

Artist Exhibitions



- Life-size bronze of ‘Eve’, Springville Museum of Art - Springville, Utah
- Life-size bronze of ‘Adam’, collection of Fred Ross – New Vernon, New Jersey

- Terracotta portrait of 'St. Peter', Palazzo Archivescovale, Firenze, Italy


- Alumni of the Florence Academy exhibit, Galerie Michael, Beverly Hills California, September 2011
- Fifth Alumni Exhibition of the Florence Academy of Art, May 2010
-Jorgensen Fine Art, Dublin, Summer show, July 2009
-Fourth Alumni Exhibit of the Florence Academy, February 2009
-Grenning Gallery, Sag Harbor NY, 10th Anniversary Show, August 2008
-Cavalier Galleries, Nantucket MA, Young Masters Show, July 2008
-Gormley's Fine Art Dublin, Midsummer Garden Sculpture Exhibit, July 2008
-Cavalier Galleries, Nantucket MA and Greenwich CT, Spring exhibit, May 2008
-WH Patterson London, Alumni of the Florence Academy show, March 2008September 2007 Group Show Classical Sculpture Now Grenning Gallery, Sag Harbor, NY
-January 2007 Jorgensen Fine Art Ltd Dublin Participant in The First Annual Alumni December 2006 WH Patterson London, Alumni of the Florence Academy show, E Fine Art Ltd Dublin winter sculpture exhibition,
-June 2006 First Place, Art Renewal Center Annual scholarship competition, along with the purchase award from Fred Ross of Magdalena and a life size bronze of Eve
-June 2006 Jorgensen Fine Art Ltd Dublin summer exhibition,
-March 2006 Solomon Gallery Dublin, Italian realism revisited.
-February 2006 Jorgensen Fine Art Ltd, Dublin, spring sculpture exhibition 2006 WH Patterson Galleries continuation in London and Chicago
-November 2005 Participant in the Second Annual Alumni Exhibition of the FAA,
Second Place, Art Renewal Center Annual Scholarship competition 2005

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