Viktor Butko | 1978 | Moscow

Artist Bio

Victor Butko was born into a long line of artists, and has been mentored in painting since the age of 8. He is currently the youngest artist exhibiting at Thomas Kearns McCarthey Gallery, one of the foremost dealers in the United States for Russian Impressionist art. Older Russian impressionist artists, Alexei and Sergei Tkachev (they are brothers) claim Butko’s work is the ….next generation of greatness


Artist Exhibitions
1994 - The exhibition of the MacAL students in the Central House of Art Workers.
1996 - The exhibition of the MacAL students in the State Tretyakov Gallery.
1997 – Autumn exhibition of MAU in the Central Art Gallery in Krimsky Val.
1998 – The Family exhibition at the municipal gallery in Naro-Fominsk.
1998 – The regional exhibition Moscow-Petersberg, the Central Art Gallery.
1998 – The exhibition of self-portrait in the CAG.
1999 – The All-Russian exhibition The Autumn in Boldino, dedicated to the memory
of A.S. Pushkin.
2000 – The Family exhibition at the Zamoskvorechy Gallery
2000 – The All-Russian exhibition In the Name of God in the CAG
2001 – The Family exhibition in the Central House of Art Workers, the exhibition of the
young painters of MAU, dedicated to the anniversary of the Moscow House of

Artist Press
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